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Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone


Copy of Sarvestan Report


Dated: 1 Aban 1317 [23 October 1938]

Original registered by number: --- at the Ministry - Office.


Report of Sarvestan Post, Sunday, 1 Aban 1317 [23 October 1938]

  1. Those from Sarvestan are usually Baha’is, and according to the news received, today—Sunday, 1 Aban 1317 [23 October 1938] —is apparently the day one of the renowned Baha’is was killed. They had secretly assembled at the house of Haj Mirza Karim Pilehvar and had closed their shops. In particular, the manager of a rural company, which was also closed today, by the name of Nabet, had gathered at the mentioned assembly (sic) and the company’s affairs were suspended and their clientele was unattended to. Local news indicates that a few days ago, Ardeshir Master, the Zoroastrian haberdasher, and the seasonal dental physician, had gone from Shiraz to Nayriz, and to other places, in order to attend to the affairs of the Baha’is; however, they returned and entered Sarvestan on 30 Mehr [22 October] and were present at that meeting today—Sunday, 1 Aban 1317 [23 October 1938] —and participated in promoting the aims of Baha’ism.
  2. At 6:00 p.m. today, the head of the cotton company and one of the employees of the Bank Melli [the National Bank] in Shiraz came from Fasa, in two cars, and passed through the vicinity of Sarvestan on their way to Shiraz.


The head of the Posts and Telephone in Sarvestan


This is a true copy of the original.

[Stamp:] Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone [Illegible]