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Office of the Prime Minister


General number: 13770

Private number: -----

Folder holder: 1/6 26

File Folder: -----

File: -----

First draft: -----

Topic of draft: -----

Enclosure: -----

Final drafter: [illegible]

Date of writing: ----- month: ----- / 

Date of final copy:  month: ----- / 

Recording date: 13 Dey 1317 [3 January 1939]

Confidential and direct             

12 Dey 1317 [2 January 1939]


Ministry of Justice

A recent report from Qorveh states that close to forty Baha’i families residing in Qorveh are having Friday night meetings, and it turns out they wed the daughter of Karbalaie Ja'fari to Ali Aousat without referring to the Office of Marriage and Divorce.  Issue instructions to take proper steps, and inform this office of the outcome.


[Signature:] The Prime Minister