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10 Farvardin 1392 [30 March 2013]


In the Name of God

We, Feiz-Mohammad Ahmadi and Naghi Ahmadi, residents of the Village of Sanur, hereby respectfully declare that on 26 Mehr 1391 [17 October 2012] at the request of Mr. Kianoush Naimi, Aminollah Aali, Ali Ahmadi, etc., went to and were present at their agricultural lands with our tractor device for furrowing and cultivating the autumn barley, when we encountered the obstruction and harassment of two residents of the Village of Ivel, named Seyyed Javad Derakhshan and Nad-Ali Fallahpour. On their orders, we had to stop the cultivation work and the sowing of seeds and leave the agricultural lands, while the work remained half-finished.


[Signature and fingerprint of:] Naghi Ahmadi

[Signature of:] Feiz-Mohammad Ahmadi

[Signature on official stamp]

The copy is identical to the original


[Postal stamp with stamp of ‘Cancelled’]