[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Honourable Chief Justice of the City of Kiasar

Peace be upon you [Greetings]

In the Name of God

We, the undersigned, wish to inform you respectfully and request Your Honour to make the necessary coordination with the relevant police station in Poshtkuh so that we can carry out the picking of our walnut harvest, in coordination with the law, and that there will be no particular problem. So please take the necessary measures in this regard.


15 Shahrivar 1390 [6 September 2011]

Names and Signatures of the Farmers of Ivel Village.


[The Court Order on the back of the letter]

In the Name of God

Submit it for the perusal of the esteemed command of the checkpoint, so that, according to the previous year’s procedures, necessary assistance will be provided to the complainant, so as not to lead to conflicts.

15 Shahrivar 1390 [6 September 2011]