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[Personal information has been redacted.]


13 Tir 1390 [4 July 2011]


In the Name of God

The Honourable Judge of the General Court of the City of Kiasar

With greetings, I respectfully inform you that, pursuant to [your] instructions of 18 Aban 1389 [9 November 2010], and the coordination and support of the Poshtkuh police station, the cultivation of the arable lands was carried out. Now is the time to harvest our product, and due to the sensitivity in the area and the disturbance caused by the wrongdoers, that responsible and esteemed official is requested to provide the necessary instructions to the Poshtkuh police station to facilitate collection with the necessary coordination. We [very much] appreciate your cooperation.

Seeking confirmation: The farmers of Ivel Village

[The names and signature of farmers of Ivel Village]


[The Court Order]

In the Name of God

It will be sent to the relevant checkpoint, so that in the presence of the law enforcement officers a possible accident during the harvesting the crops is prevented. [Please] document the results and announce it to [illegible].

The Magistrate [illegible] Fathi

14 Tir 1390 [5 July 2011]