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Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God

Iranian National Industries Organization


Date: ----

Number: 963/10771 /95651

Enclosure: ----

Unit: ----


Tehran Cement Company

[Stamp] The martyr is superior to all individuals.  The martyr sees the face of God – Imam Khomeini


The enclosed copy of letter number 240/1641, dated 24/11/61 [13 February 1983], from the inspection group of this organization is sent for [your] information.  You are directed to investigate [this matter], so that, in the event that the subject individuals have not admitted to or have denied any connection with perverse sects, payments may be made to them in accordance with laws governing Labor.


Cement Industries Group

Mehdi Golzadeh

Group Manager




Administrative Official



[Official stamp with number and date]

[Illegible] Tehran


Date: 30/11/1361 [19 February 1983]