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In the Name of God

From: The Artillery Training Centre

To: Dependent Units

Subject: Baha'i soldiers


Please issue an order indicating that under no circumstances should the above-mentioned soldiers be used as typists, secretaries, drivers, or messengers, and they should be strictly prevented from having access to guns, ammunition, deeds and documents, or to sensitive areas of the barracks.  Soldiers of this kind should be engaged only in general [types of] service. B.M

Commander of the Artillery Training Centre: Second Brigadier General - Mehdi Sadri

On behalf of Colonel Vahid

Number 700-05-1-63

Date ?/5/1368 [? July 1989]

Copy of the above summary from Grade One to F.AT Second - Third Grade - information and action on the contents of the letter.

F.G.D 377 PSH: Major Naser Montazem