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19 Shahrivar 1358 [10 September 1979]


To his highness Ayatollah Qoddusi, Prosecutor General of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


With utmost humility and respect, we inform you of the following.  On the dates of 17 and 19 Shahrivar [8 and 10 September 1979], a number of residents of Shiraz, accompanied by other individuals and authorities, in the presence of police officers and with prior planning, destroyed the house of His Holiness, the Bab, located in Shiraz, which is considered holy by His followers in more than 96,000 [Sic] localities throughout the world and is a centre of circumambulation for Baha’is.  In so doing, they severely injured the hearts of a large number of people. 

There is no doubt that in any revolution certain events may take place in the country that are not in any way approved by the leaders of the revolution.  However, now that six months have passed from the beginning of [the revolution’s] fruition, and the police force in the country has, to a large extent, been established in the country, it appears that it would be well able to prevent the random actions of unauthorized and anarchistic agents, and stop the spread of any disorderly and chaotic conduct that would be contrary to the reputation of the country. Indeed, in many cases, such actions have produced the desired results.  Given that this house was taken away from our community under the pretext of protection, it would have been appropriate to exert greater effort in protecting it, because the occurrence of such events under the current circumstances is against the interests of the country and it will not produce a positive international reaction.  In particular, his highness Grand Ayatollah Khomeini—may God continue his blessings—the esteemed leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, has repeatedly mentioned in his talks the need for protecting the rights of all groups.

Therefore, we beseech you to issue strict orders to the police forces, in any way you see fit, to stop any actions aimed at destroying this house, give the house back to our community, and prosecute the agents and instigators of this action.


With expressions of respect,

From the Baha’i Community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji          Manouher Ghaem-Maghami

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Copy to

Ayatollah Qoddusi – House in Shiraz

Mehdi Bazargan, Prime Minister

Sabaqian, Minister of the Interior

Haj Sayyed Javadi, Minister of Justice