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Date: 23 Aban 1358 [14 November 1979]


His Holiness, Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani, Head of the Ministry of Interior

With utmost respect; at this sensitive juncture when the sacred country of Iran is in dire need of composure, unity, and harmony, it is sadly observed that some agents of corruption incite actions that will certainly cause the displeasure and repugnance of the esteemed leader of the nation, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, and those of the other authorities in charge of the country’s affairs, who will never endorse such wrongs’ creating terror and fright in the hearts of the citizens of this country, causing them hopelessness and distress. For example, about five months ago, one of the members of the Baha’i community, by the name of Mohammad Shaykh Movahhed, was kidnapped by certain agents and despite all measures, we have no information about him to date. Following that incident of kidnapping, on 20 Aban 1358 [11 November 1979], Dr. Alimorad Davoudi, a retired professor of philosophy in the Faculty of Literature at the University of Tehran, who is one of the nation’s scholars and authors, with numerous publications, and a member of this community, was also kidnapped.  Despite many efforts by his family to seek assistance from the authorities, there has been no result so far.

On the other hand, as you were previously informed, some time ago, a number of opportunistic agents destroyed the House of the Bab, located on Shamshirgar Street in Shiraz, which is a point of adoration for Baha’is in over one hundred and two thousand localities across the globe. A letter of complaint was immediately submitted by this community, appealing for justice from relevant authorities, as a result of which the destruction was temporarily halted. Most unfortunately, however, last Friday, on the occasion of the Ghadir Khum Holy Day, once again, a number of those same individuals raided the sacred House and destroyed what was left of the building. These actions were repeated in the last few days, and havoc has broken out in Shiraz and in other parts of the country. These anarchist and agitators intend to create chaos and raid the homes and properties of the Baha’is in these days and during the month of Moharram, particularly on the days of mourning, and cause disturbances similar to last year.

Given the circumstances described above, it seems appropriate to inform Your Holiness of the incidents and request that you issue strict orders regarding the said instances—first and foremost, for the kidnapped persons to be returned to their homes as soon as possible to eliminate the apprehension of their distressed families and this community. And second, please issue a clear order regarding the rumours being spread both in Shiraz and in other localities for appropriate security actions to be taken to fully prevent any further unfortunate incidents.

In closing, we hereby offer our gratitude and appreciation in advance for your favourable attention.


On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji        

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami

Address – [redacted]