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[Personal information has been redacted.]


5 Mordad 1360 [27 July 1981]


The Office of Imam Khomeini

Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, Minister of Interior

Hojatoleslam Hashemi Rafsanjani, Head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly


Respectfully, as was conveyed to that esteemed source of authority in a telegram dated 27 Tir 1360 [18 July 1980], in recent days there have been impulsive and unjustified raids on the homes of the Baha’is in some parts of the country, such as Isfahan, Najafabad, Faridan (Iskandari, Chigan, Afus) and around Tehran, resulting in their harassment and arrests. Unfortunately, in the last three days, this trend has spread to many other parts of the country, such as the vicinities of Kashan (Ghamsar, Mazgan), the villages of Hesar and Namegh in Khorasan, and some parts of Mazandaran, including Mahforouzak. Nearly 40 beleaguered, innocent Baha’is, who are mostly farmers, have been arrested and imprisoned for no reason and for no wrongdoing. With great sadness [we learned that] two well-known individuals associated with this religion, one of whom has authored numerous valuable publications, including a book on the Abrahamic religions and Islam and a book on the role of religion in the evolution of man, and other publications in rejection of materialistic ideologies, have been executed in Kashmar without any reason, or evidence of any wrongdoing, and merely based on false accusations.

Among the consequences and outcomes of such violations against Baha’i families is a lack of safety for the young Baha’is and the inability of the head of the family to keep them from rebelling against oppressions and ultimately being dragged into political affairs, which is contrary to Baha’i beliefs in every form. Therefore, as has repeatedly been communicated to the esteemed authorities, given that Baha’is are honest citizens and obedient to the government, are prohibited from interfering in politics and conflicts among political groups and parties, and they have demonstrated, in words and action, their honesty and obedience during the nearly 30 months since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, we plead with your esteemed source of authority to instruct the revolutionary institutions and law enforcement officials, during this sensitive time when all efforts should be exerted on the challenges of the country and the development and prosperity of beloved Iran, to forbid raids and attacks on the homes of innocent Baha’is, and to stop any form of harassment and arrest, causing nationwide concern, anxiety and unrest.

With gratitude and respect,

The Baha’i Community of Iran