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[Personal information has been redacted.]


22 Aban 1358 [13 November 1979]

To Ayatollah Qoddusi, respected Prosecutor General of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


With respect, we inform you that in this sensitive situation, when Iran is in great need of calm and unity and oneness, unfortunately, we observe some unsavoury individuals instigating certain actions that will, not doubt, arouse the aversion of the exalted leader of the people, His Honour Imam Khomeini—may his exalted life continue—and other government authorities, as they surely do not wish to see such unjust actions create fear and terror in the hearts of the citizens and cause them to become disappointed and despondent.  Among these is an event that happened following the previous kidnapping of Mr. Mohammad Movahhed, who was a member of this community; unfortunately, no matter how much his relatives have tried through various means, so far there has been no result. 

Now, similar to that event, at 11:00 a.m., on 20 Aban 1358 [11 November 1979], Dr. Alimorad Davoudi, residing at [redacted], retired professor of the Faculty of Philosophy in the College of Literature of Tehran University, who is one of the experts and authors of the country, has numerous publications, is a member of this community, and has a wife and five children, left his home to take a walk and stroll at Laleh Park, and has not yet returned to his home.  Despite inquiries by his family at the relevant police station, the Committee of Amirabad, the coroner and so on, no results have been obtained and his family continues to search for him.  Therefore, after the passing of three days and nights from this event, we present the details to you and insistently beseech you to issue strict instruction about this matter so that by the action taken, God willing, the above-mentioned person will be able to return to his home and alleviate the worries of his family and this community.


With expressions of respect,

From the Baha’i Community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji                       

Manouher Ghaem-Magahmi