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[Date:] 25 Aban 1359 [16 November 1980]


Dear Mr. Mir-Salim, Respected Acting Head of National Police Forces


Regrettably, despite all assurances of the government authorities to the Iranian Baha’i community, once again, one of the Baha’is of Azerbaijan, who had travelled from Ahar to Tabriz to visit his child, was arrested, baselessly and wrongly accused, and shot by firing squad on the first day of Moharramol-Haram [9 November 1980].  Although this community has several times complained to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran of the cruelty inflicted upon them by some responsible authorities and religious officers, no action has been taken to stop these injustices.  Unfortunately, ignoring all religious, civil and international laws, they have overlooked all these complaints and have paid no attention to Article 20 of the Iranian Constitution, which explicitly says, “Members of the nation, whether man or woman, are equally protected by the law. They enjoy all the human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights that are in compliance with the Islamic criteria”.


Although [representatives of] this community have, several times, written and explained the principles of its teachings to the head of the government, which is the protector of the public, and have openly declared that [members of] this community are not involved in any political affairs; and that, according to their religious principles, they are basically prohibited from interfering in politics, deception and machinations; and, within the past 21 months, since the inception of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, they have proven adherence to these principles, this community has been subjected to all kinds of calumny and accusations, due to lack of knowledge on the part of the accusers. [Examples are:] being called spy agents or agents of Zionism, or accused of plotting against the Islamic Republic, etc. This is contrary to Article 23 of the constitutional law that prohibits the inquisition of beliefs, which asserts that, “No one can be subjected to questioning and aggression for merely holding an opinion”. They have also had inflicted upon them all kinds of mistreatment and tyranny, such as the pillaging and theft of their belongings, the killing of individuals and dismissals of Baha’i employees from work.


With all this unkind treatment of the Iranian Baha’i community, with all these cruelties inflicted on this defenceless group, and being stripped of all rights to defend themselves to the degree that they have not even been permitted to respond to the unfair allegations in the newspapers and mass media, nevertheless, the Baha’i community of Iran beseeches God to grant the rulers justice and the religious leaders fairness, and to remove the dark clouds of misunderstanding from the skies of this country, so that the government rulers may pay more attention to truth and justice and end these types of calumnies and malicious judgments that are devoid of truth, and, with sincerity, truthfulness and without any pre-judgments, investigate the truth of the matters.


While taking advantage of this opportunity, we would request that, during these days that coincide with the month of Moharramol-Haram and the month of the martyrdom of the Master of the Martyrs and liberated ones, Husayn ibn Ali[1], [during which it] is quite possible that some will take advantage of the religious feelings of our fellow countrymen and try to inflict harm or persecute the Baha’is, you issue the necessary orders to the responsible authorities, lest, God forbid, they add to the existing problems.


We hope that our prayers are answered and that, with God’s mercy and blessings, the problems of our country will be resolved, and the doors of comfort and prosperity be opened to the people of Iran.



The Baha’i Community of Iran




  1. Ayatollah  Mousavi-Ardabili
  2. Ayatollah Mahdavi-kani
  3. Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani
  4. The Gendarmerie [Police] Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  5. Commission 90 of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Iran


[Address is provided]



[1] [Third Imam of Shia]