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[Personal information has been redacted.]


11/5/1358 [2 August 1979]


The Honourable Ayatollah Shahidi, Head of the Committee of the Iranian Cities,


Respectfully, we are writing following yesterday’s telegraph, a copy of which is enclosed, regarding the illegal transgression towards the Baha’i sacred places in Tehran, Shiraz and other parts of Iran. Lately, a person by the name of Engineer Alavizadeh, with the title and capacity of representative of the Mostazafan Foundation in Shiraz, after unauthorized removal of some movable objects and furniture from the house of the Bab, belonging to the Baha’is, has been pressuring the Baha’is, demanding to receive the sacred clothing of the Bab, and other matters, which normally have no connection to the Mostazafan Foundation. Therefore, we hereby request that you give the necessary orders so that he can stop his illegal transgression towards this community.


With respect,

On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Iran


Dr Hosein Naji            

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami