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Ministry of Education, Endowment Sites and Fine Arts


Department of Education and Endowment of Fars Province

Area: ------

Number: 6032


Dated: 15 Bahman 1313 [4 February 1935]

Attachment: ------



Your Excellency the Minister of Education, Endowment Sites, and Fine Arts

The contents of Memorandum number 43785/19720 – 22 Azar 1313 [13 December 1934] were confidentially shared with the education representatives of the Fars area. We received a report from Sarvestan that the Baha’is have a gathering there every Friday called Darse Akhlagh [moral education] and lead children to perversion. Given that there is no court or police department in the locality, the matter was referred to the police department of the Fars Province. The aforementioned department undertook the responsibility of preventing their gatherings in Sarvestan using appropriate means. As the recent report from the police department suggests, necessary actions have been taken; however, given that after that report we received word from Sarvestan that the situation remains the same, we have written to the police department again requesting that they continue necessary actions and strictly prevent any gatherings that have the title of educational activities. This is to inform Your Excellency and the esteemed ministry.

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[Stamp:] Receipt by the Department of Education - 2534/ 25 Bahman 1313 [14 February 1935]

[Stamp:] Head Office of the Ministry of Education and Endowment Sites]

Date: 25 Aban 1313 [16 November 1934], number 55853