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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Iranian Imperial Army

Land Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NZAJA)

From: -----

Office: -----

Unit: -----

Number: 3381

To: -----

Date: 29 Shahrivar 1345 [20 September 1966]

Enclosure: -----


This is to certify:

Civilian Saadatollah Nakhaie, son of Mohammad, identification card number [redacted], from Gonabad, born in [redacted], was a recruit in the Army Cadets from 13 Shahrivar 1344 [4 September 1965], and was expelled from the Army Cadets on 3 Tir 1345 [24 June 1966] due to his membership in the Baha’i sect. This Certificate is for presentation only to the Military Services Office and has no other value.

On behalf of the Adjutant General of the Imperial Army Cadets


[Official stamp]