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Interrogator’s Name -----


Ministry of Interior

State Police

Rafsanjan Police

Number---- interrogation form and record ---- page ----

Claim ---- Plaintiff ---- Respondent ---- Date Day --- Month --- Year ---13 [19--/20--] File ---



At ten hundred hours (10:00), on 28 Aban 1335 [19 November 1956], in the presence of the undersigned, the building of the Baha’i Assembly, located on Khandani street, which has been under surveillance of the police, was confiscated in accordance with the order dated 28 Tir 1334 [20 July 1955]. Therefore, according to the letter number 2169-[dated] 28 Aban 1335 [19 November 1956] of the governorship of Rafsanjan, and directive number 8631-[dated] 18 Aban 1335 [9 November 1956] of the Army Staff Division 7, [the property] was seized and assigned to Mr. Amanullah Mohammad Khani.


Rafsanjan Chief of Police, Major Moshkinzar



Intelligence Officer, 1st Lieutenant, Abbas Saeedian



Fazllollah [illegible]



Recipient: Amanullah Mohammad Khani