[Newspaper:] Iran Times International

[Date:] Friday, 9 July 1993

[Issue No:] 17 – volume 23


Baha'i bodies are exhumed by Tehran


Washington – Tehran city employees are digging up the gravesites of Baha'is, according to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is in the United States.

An announcement said the bodies were being removed from Tehran's Baha'i cemetery to make way for a cultural center.

The Baha'i announcement said all Baha'i cemeteries were confiscated by the regime after the revolution. Gravesite markers and memorials were obliterated, but the bodies were not exhumed.

The Baha'i announcement said it was not known where the Tehran municipality was moving the bodies.

It described the destruction as "perhaps the most literal example of the Islamic regime's efforts to destroy the Baha'i community and its cultural roots in the country in which the faith emerged."






















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