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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Political Affairs

Number: 15N/7127

Date: 11 Mordad 1341 [2 August 1962]


Governorate General of Isfahan

Referring to letter number 141/M, dated 10 Tir 1341 [1 July 1962], regarding religious activities of the Baha’i sect in the Village of Eskandari of Faridan, please instruct that any religious activities of the afore-mentioned sect that would cause tension and uneasiness in the area be duly prevented.

Minister of the Interior


A copy with reference to letter number 5Z/8079, dated 20 Mordad 1341 [11 August 1962], for information and issuance of necessary orders, is forwarded to the relevant agents of the gendarmerie headquarters.

Minister of the Interior


A copy attached to a copy of letter number 5Z/8079 of 20 Mordad 1341 [11 August 1962] of the gendarmerie headquarters, is forwarded to the Organization of Intelligence and Security.


Deputy of the Department of Political Affairs, [Signature] 

Head of the Department of Political Affairs [Signature]

General Manager [Signature]

Minister of the Interior

21 Mordad 1341 [12 August 1962]