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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Thursday, 11 Shahrivar 1361 – 13 Dhu’l-Qade 1402 – 2 September 1982

[Issue No.:] 748


The Activities of the Baha’i Community in Bangladesh Threaten the National Security of This Country

According to a security official, Baha’i activity prompted high-ranking Bangladeshi officials to consider a meeting. According to the report, the activity of Baha’is is very dangerous, especially in and around the sensitive area of Chittagong…

According to this report, the Baha’is engage in activities similar to those of the Qadianis, despite the very fundamental contradictions between them and Islam. It may be said that the Baha’is in Iran and the Qadianis in Pakistan were declared as non-Muslim religious minorities.

Baha’is claim that the Bab ... is the new Prophet! And that his book is the latest heavenly book. This book calls for an international language and a world government.

Undoubtedly, the Baha’is are trying to seize control of Muslim countries in any way possible. Baha’is rule Muslim countries, mostly economically, in such way a that they sometimes provide credit in various ways, and sometimes, through their agents, take over the economic veins of Muslim countries.

The Baha’is were organized in Iran during the reign of the accursed shah; at the same time, they expanded their activities inside and outside the country. Bangladesh is one of their centres of activity abroad.

Some Western human rights organizations have created a lot of publicity about the Baha’is of Iran. Many Islamic countries keep a close eye on Baha’i activities and regularly warn the Muslims of their dangers. A conference was held in Jeddah a few years ago, and finally Muslim countries were told [by Iran] to prevent the Baha’is from operating inside their countries. The conference also assessed the impact of Baha’i writings and books on Muslims. In Bangladesh, Baha’is operate not only in Chittagong, but also in other places, such as Nagar and Metropolis...

After the fall of the shah, Iranian Muslim students isolated the Baha’is in Dhaka, and for this reason there were clashes between Muslims and Baha’is. Some Baha’i students [got] married to Bengalis because they did not want to return to Iran. The Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies have been asked to monitor the activities of Baha’is.

The New Nation, printed in Bangladesh – Translated by Asadi