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Date: 13 Tir 1317 [4 July 1938]

Number: 1037 / S - 361

Attachment: ---



Ministry of the Interior

Department: All the Affairs of the Country

Department: Political Affairs


The Prime Minister,

In response to your esteemed letter number 1075, dated 29 Ordibehesht 1317 [19 May 1938], regarding the Baha’i propagators in Kashan, an order has been issued to the governorate to investigate this matter and report the result. For your information, please find enclosed copies of the reports of the governorate and police force of that place.

On behalf of the Ministry of the Interior




Registry at the Office of Prime Minster

Number: 4644

Date: 14 Tir 1317 [5 July 1938]


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14 Tir 1317 [5 July 1938]