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Ministry of Education

Department of Education Area 3 Isfahan


Department of Education, Isfahan Province

As Mrs Badrol-Molouk Sadeghzadeh has confessed to her belief in the Bahaism ideology, it has been decided to terminate her teaching position at Forough High School, situated in this area.  It is therefore against the law to keep her in the role and pay her from the public treasury.  She is being referred to that department so that the necessary orders to be made in accordance with the regulations.  See attached a copy of the minutes of the meeting, and a report of the investigation, together with the employee’s file of 163 pages.  Please inform this office of the outcome of your decision. 

Jafar Rezai

Head of Department of Education Area 3, Isfahan [signature]


14/1/1358 [3 April 1979]

Cc to Recipients

1-Forough High School

2-Payroll to be informed and to discontinue payment of her wages immediately

3-Mrs Badrol-Molouk Sadeghzadeh (illegible) date; 11/1/1358 [31 March 1979], for her information and attendance at the head office to determine her situation