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In the Name of God

The Islamic Republic of Iran

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Islamic Revolutionary Court of Karaj

Official Minutes of Interrogation and Proceeding


The Islamic Republic of Iran

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The Will and Testament of Badiollah Haghpaykar

In the name of God, the Almighty.

My dear kind wife, Forough Haghpaykar, my dear children, Kamran, Kayvan, Shahla and Mahnaz and my dear kind sons-in–law, Mr. Farhang Rastan and Mr. Ehsanollah Vahidi and my dear grandchildren.

Thanks be to God who has given me the strength to be steadfast in all calamities, and to remember God and all of you until my last breath.  I do not have any grief, because I have walked in the path of God and truthfulness. I leave this mortal world with a happy heart. Do not grieve for my death. Trust in God. Do not cry or lament. Be happy and joyful. I am also happy that I have kind children who will not let their mother be sad. I am also satisfied and pleased with you all.

To my kind wife. Mr. Ehsan Vahidi is my attorney and yours. I request him to take action as he finds it appropriate. Firstly, my house and its remaining furniture belongs to my dear wife. If they [the Authorities] return the shop, he will receive two thousand and five hundred tomans per month. I ask Mr. Vahidi, kindly to manage the shop.

I do not take anything with me, and I am hoping that there is no reason for the smallest of disputes. You should receive the amount of twenty thousand tomans from Mr. [redacted], who owes it to me, and register the document in his name. Finally, I have written about the rest of the matters in a separate letter. Please receive it [the money] and pay the amount of ten thousand rials as a gift to thank the revolutionary guard that will shoot me. Offer three bouquets of flowers to Mr. Sheikh Rahnama, Mr. Raisi, the prosecutor, and Mr. Hojatoleslam Haj Soltani, the Sharia Judge of the Islamic Court of Karaj, who have shown me love during this period, and pray for them. My children, Kamran and Kayvan, should also send the Revolutionary Court of Karaj letters of appreciation from the United States of America.

Finally, divide equally amongst yourselves whatever is left from the car, shop and other things.

Take my body and bury it in Baba Salman. I say goodbye to one and all, to all my relatives, friends and family.

16 Ordibehesht 1360 [6 May 1981]