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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court

In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

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File reference 66/TA/1/12454 before the Revolutionary Court of Tehran in Evin concerns Azizollah Mottahedeh, son of Abdol-Razzagh [Abdol-Vahhab], member of the perverse Baha'i sect, whom the Islamic Revolutionary Court believes to have fled the country. The court's opinion is that a single house should be recovered [by the government]. The court order covers all his assets, including those under his own name, as well as those apparently under the names of his children and relatives, which is also referred to in the confirmed ruling of the Supreme Court. The issue was reviewed for the second time at the Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court, where a decision is issued as follows:

According to the file records and evidence therein, the accused membership in the perverse Baha'i sect and his departure from the country seems apparent. In light of the blessed opinion of Grand Ayatollah Nazari concerning confiscation of assets and properties of Baha'is who have fled the country, in the absence of Muslim heirs, all assets left behind are considered bereft of Islamic sanctity; thus, their confiscation to the benefit of the Islamic government is permitted and endorsed.

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The Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court


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In the Name of God

This decision was endorsed by the esteemed Supreme Court; accordingly, the decision dated

28 Farvardin 1367 [17 April 1988] was issued. Legal action required.

Religious Magistrate [illegible]

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7 Mehr 1367 [29 September 1988]