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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Azarin

[Date:] 28 Ordibehesht 1334 [19 May 1955]

[Issue No:] 493


To uproot [the] misguiding baha’i sect, issuance of a simple circular to declare societies that are disruptive of order and security illegal is not enough

 Eventually, to fulfil the wishes and aspirations and to respect the sentiments of the Islamic nation of Iran, the government has officially declared its position to the National Consultative Assembly on the fight against Baha’ism. As stated by Mr. Alam, the minister of the interior, during a private session of the National Consultative Assembly, a circular has been issued and submitted to all the provincial governors general and the governors. Even though members of the National Consultative Assembly felt that the circular had certain weaknesses, at the end, through consultative deliberations, [they] combined Dr. Shahkar’s recommendations with the circular of the members of the National Consultative Assembly and ratified the government’s action for fighting against the misleading Baha’i sect, and based on the articles of the Constitution, [they] declared the misleading sect of Baha’i, and other misleading institutions and societies, to be illegal entities.

While we honour this swift action taken by the government to respect the religious sentiments of the Muslim nation of Iran, we do not consider it sufficient for eradication of this misleading sect, which has penetrated to the depths of our Islamic society.

It is not sufficient to declare them unlawful. As some of the members, particularly Mr. Noured-Din Emami, have pointed out, the tree of their existence must be axed by seizing their properties, the revenues from which are spent to propagate their misguided teachings and political aims.

As pointed out by Mr. Noured-Din Emami, the revenue from a number of properties, which belongs to wealthy members of this sect, is allocated as charity; despite provisions for endowment and Islamic law on charity in a Muslim country, the revenue generated must be expended on a charitable cause to exalt Islam and Muslims. The mere will and testament to dedicate [their property] to charity is sufficient for the Endowment [and Charity Affairs Organization] to confiscate these properties. The government should not allow the income of these properties to be spent on propagation against the holy religion of Islam and disruption of the public order, or espionage for the foreigners.

In addition to these properties, a large number of believers in Baha’ism, who may even be its propagators, own a significant number of properties all over Tehran, and most of their revenues are dedicated to propagation against Islam. Again, the government must axe the tree of the existence of this sect and cut their hands off of all affairs.


The government, and in particular the minister of finance, should not allow landlords, who are mostly Baha’i missionaries and own the majority of properties in Khayyam Street and one section of Lalehzar, to expend their considerable revenue on teaching their misguided ideologies, instead of paying government taxes from the high rents they collect by force from modest people, or let them expend it on their Haziratu’l- Quds (Baha’i Centre), which they built, and add to its beauty  and glamour each month and year.

Most importantly, actions must be taken as soon as possible to dismiss individuals of this sect from all government offices.  This group has turned away from its religion and nationality and must be driven away from government employment and the soil of our homeland entirely.

We do not want individuals from this misguided sect to enjoy the benefits of our country while they are publicly committing misguided propaganda against the holy religion of Islam and spying for the foreigners inside our homeland, Iran.