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Honourable Ayatollah Ghodousi, esteemed Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary of Iran, Tehran


Further to the telegrams that my relatives sent to you in their efforts to seek justice [on my behalf], , I wish to make an urgent request for you to review my case.  According to confirmatory statements made by witnesses, existing documents, and other evidence in the court [file], I, Azamatollah Fahandej, am not guilty of any accusations [that have been made against me] and I am completely innocent.  Regrettably, owing to the atmosphere in the court and the influence of religious [authorities] who interfered in the court, as well as the pressures imposed [on me] during interrogation and [the court’s] disregard of the evidence submitted [by the defence], a decision has been made to execute an innocent person.


In the name of Islamic justice and for the protection and dignity and fair name of the Holy Faith of Islam and to prevent bringing disrepute to the Islamic Revolution of Iran and to ensure that Islamic justice is applied [in this matter], I appeal to you to order that my file to be sent to your office for your review, so as to prevent the killing of an innocent person and by injustice, God forbid, the shattering of a family, because Divine justice is absolute and it cannot be denied. Through the review of my file, you will note that all that I have said is absolutely true and I am innocent of all the accusations made.


With appreciation and respect

Azamatollah Fahandej

[Handwriting in the page margin]

Shiraz: Adelabad Prison, Azamatollah Fahandej