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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 6 Azar 1358 [27 November 1979]

[Number:] 10867

[Page:] 2


One of the Perpetrators of the Massacre in the Town of Sa‘di Town Sentenced to Death


Shiraz, Kayhan Correspondent - The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, after hearing the case concerning the perpetrator of the massacre of the Sa‘di town, sentenced Colonel Azamatollah Fahandej to death.  The Court pronounced the sentences of the participants in the massacre as follows:


Colonel Azamatollah Fahandej was convicted as Muḥárib[1], murdering, and participating in shooting and mass killing of a revolutionary group in Sa‘di town, and was sentenced to death.


Ruhollah Fahandej, accused of plotting against the citizens, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment.


Qanbar-Ali, Behnam, Hemayat, and Shahram Fahandej were [sentenced] to 10 years’ imprisonment.


Mesbah and Amanat Fahandej [sentenced] to five years’ imprisonment.


Colonel Reza-Gholi Aghdasi, accused of being the instigator and firing shots, was sentenced to three years’ banishment in Tabriz.


12 others who were accused of this massacre were acquitted by the Court.


[1] [In Islamic law, an individual who commits the crime of Muḥáraba, taking up arms against Islamic government or Islamic laws.]