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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Azadegan

[Date:] 4-4-1325 [25 June 1946]

[Number:] 125

Column 4

First Page


Subject: The Court’s Decision


The Court’s Decision

Regarding the thirty-four individuals

During the recent two weeks, cases regarding incidents in Shahroud and the dispute between Muslims and Baha’is were dealt with in the criminal court.  28 of the 34 accused were present and the rest were absent.  Following the conclusion of the defence by the accused and their defence lawyers, the Court’s decision was issued before noon on Thursday.  As a result, Hosein Kondor, Mohammad Reza Ghiyabi, and Mohammad-Reza Khamirgir who were accused of involvement in the murder of Naderi, Jazbani and Mohajer, were acquitted due to lack of evidence.  Of the rest of the accused who were prosecuted for plundering the belongings of Baha’is, 15 were acquitted.  The actions of the rest were not determined to be plunder, since the items were taken from the street.  They were rather considered as theft, and each [accused] was sentenced to one month of correctional imprisonment.  Since they had no criminal records, their sentences were suspended.   One [accused] was sentenced to 12 days at the reformatory due to being under age.  The Court’s judgement was served to the accused.