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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Azadegan

[Date:] 14 Bahman 1358 [3 February 1980]

[Issue No.:] 36


The Council of Parties in Iran

The government parties during the past forty years, such as Democrats during Qavamos Saltaneh, Melliyun [Nationalist] of Eqbal, “Jamiyate Moterraqqi” [The Progressive Society] of Hasan-Ali Mansour, the Iran-e Novin  [Modern Iran] of Hoveida, and Rastakhiz [Resurrection], and on their margin the opposition parties of Eradeh Melli [National Will] by Seyyed Ziaoddin and Zahmatkeshan [Proletarians] of Baghaei, Hezbe Mardom [Party of the People] of Asadollah Alam, and later on “The Branches” of Resurrection…

…We all know that the shah, as the chief executive of the imperialist share-holding company, came to power with the agreement of Russia, England and America, and the political powers that supported him and planned for him were the hands of these three powers in three camps of the Communists and the apostate Tudeh, the Freemasons and Baha’is and Zionists and Technocrat…