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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone,



From Qom to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 12691; Telegram Number: 237, Number of Words: 196, Date of Original: 24 Bahman 1328 [13 February 1950], Date of Receipt: 24 Bahman 1328 [13 February 1950]


The most holy Threshold of His Imperial Majesty, May God endear him to help the religion and exaltation of Muslims,


The Baha’is, this people who have been rooted in this land as a result of the political [machinations of] foreigners, and because they have occupied sensitive government posts, have become influential, and the support they [the Baha’i community] receive from the group of [Baha’i] officials, have caused them, wherever there is a small group of them, not only to propagate but to put the Muslims in agony and suffering. No doubt, by this way, there will be repeated [cases of] unrest. The plea of the majority of the clergy—[in fact,] the whole population of Muslims—from your Threshold, is for the well-being of the government and the constitution, to remove those of them who are at the top, dismiss them from government jobs, and totally prohibit the officials from backing them and supporting them [any] further. It is from such support that the Baha’is get the courage to kill six Muslims in one single night in Abarghou in the most tragic way, and, on the other hand, it [encouraged] the sense of [Islamic] pride which led to the case of Kashan[1]. If the government will not change its method of action, and not take Muslim vengeance, we regret that the clergy, who are always trying to keep the peace and tranquillity, will lose control and great unrest will result.


Fourteen million Muslims are expecting confirmation from His Imperial Majesty.


The one who prays for you: Muhammad Faiz Qomi.


[1] [Killing of Bahá’í doctor, Dr. Birjis]