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In the name of God


Central Committee

Iranian Islamic Revolution

Number 6548

Date 29/6/1358 [20 September 1979]


Respected Head of the Revolutionary Guards


According to information received, there are a number of people belonging to the Baha’i sect residing around Abadeh, in a village called Koushkak, who have complained to the central committee that the inhabitants of that village have been attacking and destroying the homes and dwellings of the aforementioned [Baha’i residents] before and after the Revolution.  While the original complaint is enclosed, you are advised to investigate and attend to this matter, not allowing anyone to commit injustice against others.  Is it not the saying of the Imam that minorities must be safe under the shelter of Islam and that no one has the right to harass them?  We request that their harassment be seriously prevented and offenders be taken to the Revolutionary Court.


Iranian Central Revolutionary Committee

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani


[Signature on official stamp]

Address: [Address]