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To the blessed threshold of His Honour Grand Ayatollah Haj-Aqa Rouhollah Khomeini, may God protect his exalted shadow,

Peace be upon you!

As you may recall, for the last few years, a number of faithful religious individuals, under the leadership of His Honour Hojjatol-Islam Haj Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi, in order to methodically combat the fabricated doctrine of Baha’ism, have organized regular meetings in which he [provides interesting information] to acquaint the faithful with the lofty station of His Holiness Vali-e Asr [the Guardian of the Age], may our souls and the souls of the people of the world be sacrificed for Him.

Recently, the circle of activities of these gatherings has [extended] from Tehran to Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz and to other important centres; it has even reached the faraway villages. As per the special favours of His Holiness the Great Remnant of God, the Imam of the Age, upon Him be salutation and peace, they have been able to guide about five hundred members of the perverse Baha’i sect, bringing them back to the straight path of monotheism, and converted them to the sacred religion of Islam. They have also saved from the abyss numerous unstable individuals, who were in danger of falling into the lap of that group.

First of all, what is the blessed opinion of His Holiness the Ayatollah regarding these people and their activities? Secondly, in what way could they be cooperated with and strengthened? Thirdly, is it permissible to use the judicial monies in this path, if necessary? Kindly explicitly express your blessed opinion. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.        



In the Name of God

In the mentioned hypothesis, the activities of these gentlemen are appreciated, and are also pleasing in the sight of the Almighty God. The cooperation and collaboration with them is agreeable to the Guardian of the Age – may God speed up His appearance; also the faithful are allowed to give from the judicial monies, such as Zakat and the collected contributions, and as deemed necessary, they are allowed to be helped from the one third of the blessed share of the imam – peace be upon him; of course this should be under the supervision of reliable persons. If His Honour Hojjatol-Islam Mr. [illegible] is available, [it should be] under his supervision [illegible].

From the Almighty God their success is requested.


5 Shaban [Illegible] 1390 [6 October 1970]

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