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[Date:] Salkh [Last day of] Dhul-Hijja 1398 [10 Aban 1357/1 November 1978]


Statement from Grand Ayatollah Khoei


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


The blessed authorities and the distinguished scholars, may God continue their blessings

The zealous Muslim nation of Iran, may God continue its confirmations: 


The recent incidents caused me deep sorrow, and with feelings of severe anguish during the last years of my life, we are observing tragic scenes.  


[We] consider ourselves to be a partner in these difficulties, calamities, tragic events, [and] the nation’s struggle against dictatorship for obtaining rights and removing cruelty. [The bad] policies of previous governments, following the goals of dictatorship, neglecting demands of nations and degrading the station of the clergy, ignoring religious sanctities and ordinances, acting against human [rights], moral virtues and against Islam, disregarding the constitution or any other laws—all these behaviours—have produced [a situation in] which their sinister and gloomy results have spread [all across] the country. In the past we [made] mention to the politicians of their perilous results. The blessed religious authorities and the distinguished scholars also made the utmost attempt [one line illegible].


Anti-nationalist governments, contrary to Sharia and ethical principles, and explicitly against the constitution, have employed in sensitive government positions the enemies of religion and the nation, the [members of] the perverse Baha’i sect and Judaism and other unknown agents of foreigners which have no religious connection with the nation of Iran. The subject of corruption and its spread in all the sections of the administration was so vast and obvious that the authorities themselves were forced to admit it. These corruptions, most of the time, were due to the autocratic actions of the authorities, who, during this time, due to lack of attention to rectifying the situation and paying attention to the general concerns of the Muslim nation of Iran, resulted in the recent unfortunate events.


During this time, I have repeatedly mentioned to the authorities the necessity of rectifying the situation, paying attention to people’s conditions and ending corruption in the departments, in social and educational [institutions], etc. Unfortunately, we did not get results.


Now that the condition of the country is in this unfortunate situation, we request the noble, zealous, Muslim nation not only to consider the current situation but to consider the near or distant future.


We request that the nation bravely take steps, but with observance of religious criteria, and in all conditions to seek guidance from the distinguished [religious] scholars and follow the entire [religious] authorities’ guidance, and in the middle of fighting with atrocities and corruption, not to give opportunity for enemies and those who will take advantage.


We ask the government to learn from the past and present bitter experiences, and in the case of legitimate and just requests from the distinguished scholars, religious guidance and the zealous nation of Muslims of Iran, to pay resigned obeisance.


We ask the distinguished scholars, religious jurists and the nation, may God continue their blessings, during this sensitive time, to familiarise the government and people with their religious duties and give them advice and invite them all to respect the lives and possessions of Muslims. 


May God [assist] everyone [to succeed] in the realisation of peace and reform, to remove concerns, and everything which is causing them, from all Muslims and their countries.


Abol-Ghasem al-Mousavi al-Khoei


[Official stamp]