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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ayandegan

[Date:] Saturday 12 Esfand 1357 [3 March 1979]


Exclusive interview of Ayandegan with Ayatollah Sheikh Ezzoddin Hosseini, one of the political/religious leaders of Kurdistan

Seeking separation in Kurdistan is the trick of intransigent [elements]

The tall, slim cleric with a wavy grey beard, white turban, black cloak, calm, tired eyes behind glasses, leans against a pillow in a small room, while the tip of a G-3 gun [can be seen] behind the pillow. In a quiet, choking voice he says “Self-governance in Kurdistan is our right.”  His armed bodyguard, standing firm by the door, confirms what his political/religious leader says by nodding his head. This leader is Ayatollah Sheikh Ezzodin Hosseini, the Friday imam of Mahabad.

… What rights do you give to the minorities who live within the Kurdish community?

“Once I said jokingly that the problem with us Kurds is that we accept everybody. We are famous for being hospitable and friendly. Therefore, based on mutual respect, we always get along with minorities. A while ago, the house of Baha’is in Miandoab was set on fire. I went and gave counsel to people … that they are also human beings. Their rights should also be respected as a minority.”