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The Grand Warrior in the holy war, Ayatollah Allameh Nouri, announced:


From the academic and Islamic views, we see the Israeli Embassy and the Baha’i Centre on an equal footing. The base of the Baha’i Centre is the extension of beliefs and thoughts of the Kabbalah[1] of Judaism and the extension of political Zionism and imperialism against the community of Islam. This Centre [Baha’i Centre] is not recognized by Islam, nor by the community of Islam and the scientific community, as [belonging to] a religion, [nor is] the ideology associated with this Centre [recognized] as a religious [ideology]. To participate in the celebration of the birth of Hojatt-ebn Hasan “Mahdi”[2] in this Centre, the existence of which is based on the ending of Islam and Mahdi [concept], is the responsibility of everyone, for the sake of the glory and practical expansion of Islamic Revolution.


[This will be the] celebration of the auspicious birth of Hojatt-ibn Hasan, the Imam of the resurrection day in the location of the previous Baha’i Centre.


All Islamic Organisations – learned scholars, great preachers, the informed, and fighters of the holy wars, Muslims all over Tehran, and the members of the Islamic government, parties and Islamic groups are invited; during their participation in the organized celebrations in other venues, [they should] consider their presence in this Assembly an extra ordinary responsibility.


The Grand Warrior in the holy war, Ayatollah Allameh Nouri, is participating in this celebration and will give a talk about “Mahdaviat, the complete manifestation of the Islamic Revolution,” and the holy war against imperialism, Zionism and Kabbalah.


Date:15 Sha’ban [1399] - 19 Tir 1358 [10 July 1979]

Venue: Tehran Hafez Avenue, Opposite Polytechnic [Institute]

Temporary centre for Islamic propaganda and different Islamic groups




[1] [Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism. A traditional Kabbalist in Judaism is called a Mequbbál]

[2] [The Imam of Resurrection Day]