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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 25 Ordibehesht 1395 [14 May 2016]


Office of Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani:

Associating With Baha’is is Reproachable / Publishing Photo of Woman Without Veil is Spreading Prostitution

The office of Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani said, “In our opinion, the Baha’is are infidels and associating with them is reprehensible and disgusting.”

The office of Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Alavi Gorgani, one of the great emulation authorities, said in an interview with a Fars News Agency reporter on religion and belief, “In our view, the Baha’is are infidels, and associating with them is forbidden if it harms one’s religion, faith, and beliefs; otherwise it is abhorrent, and in any case, the principle of association is, in our opinion, reprehensible.”

In response to a question about the matter of publishing the photos of the women without veils [who belong to] these people―considering that they are inside Iran―he added, “If it is spread by them intentionally in public media or public social networks, it also means spreading prostitution and unlawful things.”

According to Fars, Faezeh Hashemi recently met with one of the jailed leaders of the Baha’i community, and a picture of her was posted on social media.