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[Adapted from website:] Ayandeh-ye Rowshan News Agency

[Date:] 24 Dey 1387 [13 January 2009]


Training Course on “Introduction to Baha’ism and Deviant Sects in Gilan Province”

Through the efforts of the Special Areas Group of the Organization’s Directorate of Cultural and Propaganda Affairs, a training course on sects and religions will be held in Talesh, with 120 teachers and educators of Gilan Province present,. 

According to the public relations office of the Islamic Propagation Organization, Hojatol-Islam Hasan Zia-Tohidi and Hojatol-Islam Abdol-Karim Beyazar-Shirazi are going to take part as attending lecturers at this training course, which will be held for two days, beginning 26 Dey [15 January 2009].

It is noteworthy that these training courses aim at deepening and advancing the religious knowledge of teachers and educators and increasing their awareness so as to enable them to respond to questions on religion from students and to address such issues as Islamic religions, fundamental Wahhabi beliefs, Introduction on Baha’ism, Identifying (religious) Misrepresentations, and Deviant Schools of Thought, as well as methods of interaction with followers of [other] religions, and their history, are organized by the Islamic Propagation Organization and will be held in various provinces.

These educational courses on sects and religions were launched in 1385 [2006-2007] for teachers and educators.