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[Adapted from website:] Ayandeh Roshan News Agency

[Date:] 7 Dey 1387 [27 December 2008]


“Sarab” Introduces the Baha’i Sect

The radio programme “Sarab” examines the promotion of insights and beliefs in the culture, the teachings of Islam and its relationship with Shiism, and the enlightenment about the deviant sects of Babism and Baha’ism.

According to Ayandeh Roshan, quoted by IQNA, Ali-Akbar Abbasi, the head of education of Radio Maaref said, “’Sarab’ is the title of a programme that is produced and broadcast by the group of ‘Thought and Wisdom’ of Radio Maaref.”

On the subject of the programme, he stated, “Studying the formation of Baha’i beliefs, deviant sects, and Baha’ism and Babism, are among the items of this programme. [This programme is intended to increase the] familiarity of the audience, especially the young generation, with the thoughts of these deviant sects―explaining the relationship between Baha’ism and Western colonialism; the role of Russia, Britain and Israel in the emergence, continuation and support of this deviant group; sounding the alarm for the audience and officials about the spread of Baha’i beliefs in the society and examining the wide and clear propaganda in the society, especially the youth, etc.”

This programme, which is in the form of a roundtable discussion, has different sections, such as roundtable expert and scientific interview, which are [aired] between the programmes and reports. It is worth mentioning that Seyyed Hadi Salehi’s expertise will be used in this programme.

Seyyed Hashem Mashhadi is the editor and producer of the radio programme Sarab; this programme will be aired on Radio Maaref for 30 minutes on Mondays at 12:30 and will be repeated on Fridays at 16:30.