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[Newspaper:] Kayhan


The Attar[1] Medical Centre was named after martyr Ali Mazandarani

Martyr Ali Mazanderani was one of the active members of the Shahid Foundation, who was martyred by the Anti-Revolutionaries


Kayhan City Service


Yesterday afternoon, in a ceremony, the Attar Medical Centre, situated in the Behboudy Street of Tehran, was renamed the Shahid Ali Mazandarani Medical Centre.


The mentioned Medical Centre has the facilities of Laboratory, Radiology, Dental Care, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Heart Care, Veins & Arteries, Blood Section, Nerve Care, Psychology and Paediatrics.


[Those present] at the renaming ceremony of this Medical Centre, were Hojjatol-Islam Karroubi, representing the Imam and the Custodian of the Shahid Foundation, Dr [Illegible] the General Manager of the Medical Centre, the officials of the Shahid Foundation and the Personnel and the Medical Team of Shahid Ali Mazandarani Medical Centre.. It is to remember Ali Mazandarani who was one of the active members of the Shahid Foundation, who were martyred by the hands of the Anti-revolutionaries.






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