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General number: 9725/M

Private number: 10 Aban 1331 [1 November 1952]/2443/MN

Dossier: -----

Case: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Department: Law Enforcement

Office: -----

Branch: -----

Type of draft: -----

Subject of the draft: -----

Attachment: -----

Scribe: -----

Date it is written: 8 Aban [30 October]

Date of registration: 10 Aban [1 November]

Date of Transcription: -----

Exit date: 10 Aban 1331 [1 November 1952]




National Police Force Headquarters,

Referring to communication number 1/36604, [dated] 19 Mehr 1331 [11 October 1952] and further to number M/2138/9575, [dated] 21 Mehr 1331 [13 October 1952] regarding the attack on the houses and the cemetery of the Baha’is of Rafsanjan:

The Governorate of Rafsanjan, in a comprehensive report about the circumstances of the incident, states, “Although the head of the police had been strictly ordered to be watchful about the previous incident, during the gathering of local information, and to be present at the court during the hearing of those who are accused of destroying the Assembly of the Baha’is, since the residents [may] rush to free the accused, [he] has not taken any effective action to disperse the mob; neither had he informed the Governorate. This negligent and evasive act had emboldened the people and it led to the burning of the [building of the] Assembly and destruction of the Baha’i baths and cemetery. He has added that their police instrument does not function properly.

It is probable that during Arba’een[i]  and towards the end of the forthcoming month of Safar, which is a special mourning period, some further incitements will happen.

Please instruct that, for the investigation of the situation and police enforcement, immediate action be taken under supervision of an officer and vigilance be kept during those special days, and report the results to the Ministry of the Interior.


Minister of the Interior


8 Aban 1331 [30 October 1952]






















[i] [40 days after Ashura and the martyrdom of Imam Hossein, third Imam of Shia Muslim]