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Ministry of the Interior


[Date: 23/8/1329 (14 November 1950)]

Number: 14661/N




The Office of General Governor of the Tenth Province,


With reference to letter number 11690 of 13/8/1329 [4 November 1950] we enclose for your attention, the original telegram number 3930 dated 21/8/1329 [12 November 1950] from Mostafa Eshraghi and a few others from Isfahan, addressed to the Prime Minister. [The letter] contained his complaint that his house and shop were being burnt down and that his workers ran away [to save their lives], and because of the lack of security his life is in danger. Please investigate and report back with the result of action taken in order to attend to the complaint and to stop [further] demonstrations and provocations.  While returning the original [telegram] referred letter, [please] provide a response to the complainants, and inform the Law Enforcement Office of the outcome of your actions.


Head of the Law Enforcement Office


Through the Governorate of Isfahan, send a copy to Mr. Mostafa Eshraghi 23/8/1329 [14 November 1950]


We hereby enclose a copy of letter number 22885 of 22/8/29 [13 November 1950] for the attention of the Head of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Head of the Law Enforcement Office, [Signature] 23/8/ [1329] [14 November 1950]