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Ministry of the Interior

National Gendarmerie Force


Date: 22 Azar 1329 [13 December 1950]

Number: J 28374


Confidential, Eyes Only


Ministry of the Interior,



This is to inform you that according to report number J 16983 - dated 11 Azar 1329 [2 December 1950] from the Gendarmerie Regiment of Tabriz, on 10 Azar 1329 [1 December 1950]

it was reported by Mr. Sheikholeslami, the Gendarmerie’s financial auditor, that a number of Muslims of Sissan[1] had distributed flags and [ID] cards among the local inhabitants for them to place on their homes so that when the Muslims of the neighbouring villages would invade the homes of the Baha’is on 11 Azar 1329 [2 December 1950] their homes [i.e., the homes of the Muslim townspeople] would be marked [and therefore not targeted for attack].


Immediately the Regiment Commander went to the village of Sissan with a few gendarmes and observed that in the mountains and valleys surrounding the village, Muslims had gathered and planned to attack the Baha’is. Six Baha’is and six Muslims were summoned [to meet with the Gendarmerie] and were given appropriate advice and admonishment.


In addition, Mr. Javadi, the Investigator of Branch 1, who was present at the site, made a comprehensive speech pertaining to resolving religious and beliefs disagreements.  As a result, the two sides pledged that they would disregard each other’s religions and live side by side in a brotherly fashion. The Regiment Commander returned [to his headquarters] with the gendarmes, [but the law enforcement officers remained behind].  This report is presented for your information.


Commander of National Gendarmerie Force,

Second Brigadier General Golpeyra



[Stamp:  recorded in confidential file at Ministry of the Interior, Number 8580 – dated 23 Azar 1329 (14 December 1950)]

[Handwritten Note 1:] Law Enforcement – 23 Azar 1329 [14 December 1950]

[Handwritten Note 2:] National Gendarmerie Force, with reference to letter number J 28374 – dated

22 Azar 1329 [13 December 1950], please order the pertinent officers to prevent any propaganda and diligently maintain the security of the location –Head, Political Division




1.  [Sissan is a village in East Azarbaijan Province in Iran]