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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Publication:] Akhbar-e Amri[1]

[Date:] Azar-Dey 1331 [November-December 1952]

[Issue No.:] 8 and 9

[Pages:] 23-24


National News from Iran

According to the recently received news, the enemies and the opponents of the Faith, and the anarchy-creating and corrupt elements in various regions have arisen to harass, harm, persecute, loot, plunder and murder the oppressed and wronged believers of the Faith. On Thursday, 2 Bahman 1331 [22 January 1953], a large crowd raided the homes of the friends in the Village of Afus in the environs of Isfahan, and severely beat and injured around 100 believers, and in the most tragic and heart-wrenching manner, they martyred two of the sincere servants of the Faith, Messrs. Abol-Ghasem Keykhaei and Haji Bandeh, and further looted or burnt the belongings of the believers. As a result of these barbaric acts a large number of innocent women and children have been made homeless during this cold winter season, and are suffering cold, hunger, fear and anxiety. Similar incidences have happened in Eskandari, another one of the environs of Isfahan. The enemies set the cereal barn of one of the believers on fire, and attacked and beat the Baha’is

In Najafabad, too, the enmity and attacks of the foes against the believers is increasing day by day, and they are not refraining from insulting, cursing, beating, looting the belongings and setting fire to the doors of the homes of the believers.

Of course, the wronged Baha’is who have been subjected to so much cruelty, have appealed to the local authorities, but so far, from what can be seen, no perceivable result has been witnessed from those appeals.  It is not clear what are the relevant authorities doing in order to protect the innocent citizens.

The above-mentioned heinous acts have also been brought to the attention of the authorities in the capital, and requests have been presented for the prevention of these attacks and infringements as well as demands for the prosecution and bringing to justice of the perpetrators. Our hope is that the respected authorities of the country, while considering the best interests of the nation, that is in fact the implementation of justice, the establishment of security, and the giving of the rights to the rightful, will attend to the petition of a group of citizens, and will legally punish the causes, the instigators and the perpetrators of these blood-stained incidents, thus preventing similar events from occurring.

In all such cases, we Baha’is, as advised and counselled by our Beloved, will first place our whole trust in God, and then, according to the beloved instructions will appeal to the authorities, while at the same time, we pray for the ignorant and fanatics and the opponents to be made aware and mindful.


[1] [This was an official Publication of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, which was published between 1922 and 1980.]