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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior


[Date: 6 Tir 1325 [27 June 1946]

[Number:] 165




Decoded Message from [city of] Mashhad


Ministry of the Interior,


According to reports received from Birjand last night, on the fifth of Tir [26 June 1946] there was an uprising by inhabitants who attacked some of the houses of people accused of being Baha’is, to the extent that soldiers were forced to use their firearms, and as a result, one person was killed and some were injured and are currently receiving [medical] treatment. Order was eventually restored.  You are directed, on an urgent basis, to arrange for reinforcement forces to be dispatched [to the area]. Two inspectors from the Office of the Governor General and the Police Force will be sent to investigate the situation and prosecute the instigators. You will be updated in due course. 165[?].


Naser Etemadi