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Ministry of the Interior

National Gendarmerie Headquarters


[Date:] 28 Mehr 1331 [20 October 1952]

[Number:] 27155/J1


Ministry of the Interior,


Respectfully, following [letter] number 26250/J1 of 17 Mehr 1331 [9 October 1952] it is submitted that, according to further reports and investigations carried out by the Gendarmerie of Kerman, [it has been determined that] the news of the matter of the burning of the corpses of the dead Baha’is was not true. The Gendarmerie took effective action and arrested the eight culprits in the matter, who are being delivered to the custody of the Court. Only some bricks of the graves were removed from the gravestones. In any case, strict orders have been issued to the Gendarmerie Battalion of Rafsanjan for the preservation of safety and the prevention of any future uprising.


The National Commander of the Gendarmerie

Brigadier General Alavi-Moghaddam



[Handwritten Note 1:] To be sent to the Office of Safety & Security after registration. 29 Mehr [20 October 1952]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Background to be added, [Signature] 1 Aban 1331 [23 October 1952]

[Stamp:] Registered in the confidential files at the Office of the Ministry of the Interior, number 10141, date: 30 Mehr 1331 [21 October 1952]