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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper]: Atash

[Date:] 7 Tir 1336 [28 June 1957]

[Issue No:] 1671


A Baha’i committed a heinous act on a Muslim girl, out of hatred and grudge – Religious differences have become widespread again in the city of Tabriz.

Owing to the existing animosity between the Muslims and the Baha’is in the city [Village] of Matnaskh (sic) Matanaq, a city (sic) which is 5 Farsakh from Tabriz, a number of people from the opposing groups attacked each other in the desert, as a result a very unfortunate incident occurred.

The story goes that, Shah-Beygom, the fifteen-year old daughter of Teymour was herding the livestock on that day. Following a verbal confrontation and owing to the hatred and grudge between the subject groups, a Baha’i by the name of Beytollah committed a heinous act on Shah-Beygom by force, and fled immediately. However, when the daughter of Teymour arrived and people were informed of the incident, another confrontation occurred there again and Teymour’s family attacked the homes of Baha’is for revenge. The police department finally arrested Beytollah, and the innocent girl is now being examined and treated by Dr. Aryan, a forensic doctor.

The mentioned doctor announced that, Shah-Beygom is in critical condition due to this heinous act. This news was sent to us by our representative in Tabriz.