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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Atash

[Date:] 21 Esfand 1357 [12 March 1979]

[Issue No.:] 17

[Page:] 2


The Tale of a Violinist Who Became a Minister!!!

And now the details of the story: The construction of the twenty-million-toman house:

When his highness, the honourable Mr. Violinist, was appointed to the Ministry of Information and Tourism, he instantly heated the oven to bake the bread.  For baking bread he needed experts who had experience in this work. He immediately made arrangements for the transfer of two of his colleagues—Iraj Faridi, one of his devotees, who was working in [the Department of] Urban Development and Housing of Isfahan, and Hasan Sekhavat, who was responsible for covering up the dirty works of the honourable minister in the Province of Isfahan, and [because he was] a Baha’i, [he] was therefore his favourite.

To sum up, the two mentioned individuals came to Tehran, and one after the other, were appointed to positions of deputy minister and started working. Many contracts for the construction of hotels and motels, one after the other, were signed, and multiple loans from the government were obtained through them for the private sector. The parties involved with the majority of the contracts for building and establishing hotels were, naturally, themselves or their allies.