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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Atash

[Date:] 27 Tir 1335 [18 July 1956]

[Issue No.:] 1685


What Happened in the Criminal Court?

One of the defence attorneys said there had been manipulating hands behind the case, that being the reason that the main defendants are free while the innocent are imprisoned.

Another lawyer said the judge should get a beacon of light and investigate the truth. Besides, people who are not qualified to intervene and [whose] presence rather creates confusion and leads to the application of personal opinions and attempts to divert the case have travelled in company of the prosecutor and deputy inspector to the locality.

And if, in the middle of the road, we suddenly see a (Point Four Programme) engineer who starts thinking about the events of a few months ago and the conflict between the Baha’is, and fights with the village headman, and the deputy inspector immediately takes notes of his conversation with the district governor of the area, the only reason is that, since the first page of the file case, efforts for transmuting the nature and the truth have begun, and in this way the case takes form step by step and finally it has led to the formation of this case file.

Then Mr. Adib cited the treatment received by the defendants, the harassment received by them and the number of reasons for the special charges against a certain number of people to prevent the greed of the Baha’is. [He] showed the manipulations that existed in the case, and eventually denied the prosecutor’s reasons proving it, with a precise account and mathematical formula [showing] that those who have committed a hypothetical insult against the officers in Tahvid [Sakhvid], by considering that…