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Islamic Republic of Iran

Pension Bureau

In His Exalted Name

Date: 18/7/1374 [10 October 1995]

Number: 2/17634

Enclosure: ---------

To: The Department of Education of Division One in Tehran

From: National Treasury


Subject: Transfer of Mr. Ataollah Kabiri Najafabadi’s retirement pension


In response to letter number 24708/55, dated 5/7/1374 [27 September 1995], we present to you three employment files and relevant documents, and conclude the following:

Considering that the aforementioned, according to the documents, is a follower of the Baha'i sect, and for this reason was dismissed from work as documented in verdict number 23633/55, dated 11/4/1359 [2 July 1980], neither the Employment Act, nor any other related regulations stipulate the reimbursement (or transfer) of the retirement pension of this category of employees [Baha’is].

It is, therefore, not possible to take any action to reimburse or transfer the amount owing to the aforementioned.


Irandokht Attariyan

Deputy General Manager


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Entry to Secretariat

Department of Education in Division One of Tehran

Number: 28914/55

Date: 26/7/1374 [18 October 1995]

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