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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Asr-e Emrooz

[Date:] 25 Tir 1392 [16 July 2013]


Nourizad Showed His [True] Nature / Connection With Baha’ism!

Yesterday, Nourizad visited a small Baha’i family; as usual, he made comments appropriate to his own personality. After the defeat of the filthy Velvet Revolution, this failed seditionist has suffered from a kind of madness, and is praising the religion that was created by the Jews for the destruction of Shiism. Its centre is currently in Haifa...

This person, who has been suffering from chronic psychosis for a long time, has turned to the oppressed form of a sect whose sole purpose was to destroy the Shiite belief. He proudly mentions this in the nasty article that he wrote on his blog, titled “A Kiss On the Feet of an Infant Baha’i” and deals with the oppression of the members of this sect...

Who is paying you for the support you give to the Baha’is of Israel? The only people who are upset and frustrated by the lack of power of the Baha’is in Iran are the Zionist Jews, who saw all their hundred-year-old efforts in Iran come to naught?

You compare yourself to the Catholic leader of the world, who kissed the foot of a Muslim girl, although your work bears no resemblance to that of a pope, because he respects other divine religions. If you would follow a person who follows a divine religion, you would be like him, but you are ranked lower than your own dignity by respecting a sect that intends to destroy one of the divine religions, and this is a sign of your weakness in understanding such simple matters.

How can you call the parents of this child innocent when they were teaching the Baha’i youth at the time of their arrest? Do you expect us to remain silent with the people who have turned to the destruction of the Shiite belief among the youth? Baha’is who do not engage in anti-government and anti-religious activities can live freely in the country. If you are thinking about the oppressed, look for Muslims who are banned from teaching in France for wearing the hijab, even though Muslims are among the divine religions and Baha’is are an anti-Shiite sect...