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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ashofteh

[Date:] 15 Shahrivar 1334 [7 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 35


Interesting Events of This Year’s Mourning Ceremonies

-Why did Falsafi not attend this year’s mourning ceremony?

-Zainab’s camel roamed in Naseriyeh Street! -And Shemr left Imam Hussein’s head and came out of the carriage and started running after the camel!!

-The Pakistani ambassador was chanting lamentations in Urdu and was moaning and crying with his brothers, among the mourners of the City of Rey.

-This Member of Parliament was mourning by qameh-zani [in Iran and South Asia this is a form of ritual bloodletting, practiced as an act of mourning by Shia Muslims who stabbed themselves with poignards] and fell ill,

-And this woman with a black chador [Islamic veil for women] pulled the Pakistani ambassador out of his car!

Although it was expected that the fight against the Baha’is would once again intensify at the mourning ceremonies this year, and the preachers and orators were expected to give sermons against them, in general, there was no talk about it, and apparently this was [because of the] advice of the government officials, to prevent convulsions.

Mr. Falsafi, who was the standard-bearer of this struggle, did not speak at all on the Tehran radio station. Since he believed that the [mourning ceremonies] opportunity should be used to combat the Baha’is, and this was not allowed, he withdrew himself from giving sermons [on the radio]. He did not even attend the mourning ceremony at Golestan Palace. He was satisfied with participating in the ordinary assemblies; most importantly, on the day of Ashura, he did not leave the house at all and recited the special prayers for the occasion alone in his house.

The Member of Parliament who poignarded himself!

Although this year’s mourning ceremonies were not as good as in previous years, they were glorious and interesting. This year, several clerics, including Ayatollah Shahrestani, issued a fatwa stating that, “Poignarding is not necessary during the mourning ceremonies, this year” and advised that this practice be abandoned. However, according to a member of the National Constitutional Assembly, Mr. Ahmad Bayat Maku, the representative of Khoy in the parliament, who poignarded every year at the mourning ceremonies, did not comply with these recommendations and poignarded on the night of Ashura, and now he is sick and hospitalized due to the severe head injuries he has suffered!

At this year’s mourning ceremony, the theatrical simulations were more interesting than in the previous years, and for the first time, the simulation of Imam Hussein was made for the mourning ceremony.

[Photo] This year Mr. Falsafi appeared less often in public